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Meet your landscape contractors. Us.

"the end result is a beautiful, functional, high-quality hardscape"

- S. Dye, client

Once you settle on your plan, we'll take care of managing the entire installation - from sourcing materials and permitting to hiring subcontractors, you can leave it to us. You just say when.


City Garden Company install crews are more than contractors – just like our design team, they are seasoned experts in the landscaping business. Our philosophy is simple: Build it the right way, even if it means more work. Check off every detail, and check it again. Build it to last.


Construction ends with a walk-through of your new living space. We’ll answer questions and make sure you love your new outdoor space. It doesn't quite end there: we'll pay you a visit after a month, and again after two, just to make sure everything is running smoothly and looking it's best.


But that’s not the best part…