The Design Process at City Garden Co

City Garden Company is innovative, refreshing, and authentic. It is a collaborative work environment combining ideas from designers and the client. We begin with taking an inventory of the site to establish the opportunities for the particular project. Next we integrate these with the environmental context of existing architecture, water pathways, and topography. It is an exciting process of discovering what the client needs and utilizing design knowledge to develop a concept. Finally, we create a style for the space keeping in mind materials, form, and functionality.

I am excited to currently be working on a landscape design for a home designed by Athens architect Lori Bork Newcomer. Bork Designs creates environmentally responsible homes to reduce energy demands, utilize locally sourced materials, and are cleanly nestled into the landscape. I am integrating these ideas into a sustainable design and incorporating minimal water use, native plants, and a reduced level of disturbance.

As I move forward into new designs, I am striving to create outdoor spaces that are interesting and unique while remembering that simplicity works. This design approach combined with the intention to allow nature to flourish and remain responsible to the environment, will help create inspiring spaces that people will enjoy every day.

Margaret Graves

Landscape Designer

#landscapedesignprocess #residentiallandscapedesign

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